The journey begins in March of 2018 in Havana.

After two stays in Cuba, Ani Petrossian and Walburga Bühl decided to bring nexofonia to life.

Seven months later nexofonia turned into a honorary,

multicultural and international organisation that is home to members

who come from the arts, music, culture and academic work.

Ani Petrossian

Management and direction


Born in Armenia, raised in Greece and at home in Germany. After three years working as a music teacher, she now studies musicology, Romance philology and regional studies for Latin America at the University of Cologne. She works for the chair in Ethnomusicology of the University of Cologne. Spellbound by the Reggae and Hip-Hop-Scenes in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, five months later she began her first fieldwork on this topic. Currently she is working on two ethnological documentaries.

Walburga Bühl

Corporate Identity


Born into a musical family, Boogie has had contact with music from very early on. At age eleven she began studying classical piano, which is a big part of her life still today. Between 1989 and 1994 she studied Communication in Design in Cologne. At the same time she began giving piano lessons, which she has been doing for over 30 years. After raising two children she went self-employed in 2006 and met Ani as a colleague in a private music school.

Annette Saldana

 International Relations, U.S.A.


She joined The Hunger Project and took over the organisation for Atlanta, the city she in still today, already at age 18. As a feminist, she founded a campaign in 2010 in order to strengthen women in their workplace in a successful, satisfactory way. Honorary, she supports musicians in their creative processes in an idealistic, melomaniac.. Together with two friends, she founded the Gasparilla Music Festival in Tampa. Tracing her roots, she went to Cuba in the summer of 2018 and came into contact with Ani during her stay in Havana.


Jörg-Henning Jüdt



His long experience working as a dramatic adviser and therefore his collaboration with orchestras, directors, soloists, ensembles and bands make him an experienced mediator between artists and organisers. He shows his affinity for music as a DJ in the Cologne techno scene. Jörg is currently working in the Musicological Institute of the University of Cologne and is writing his thesis on musical processions.

Román Oria

Management & International Relations


Born and raised in Madrid, Roman has lived in Berlin, Rome and Cologne. There he decided to stay and is studying musicology and art history at the University. His focus is on pop culture and art theory. After a period of writing and musical activity he is dedicating himself to research.


Sona Petrossian

Organiser and photograph


A few years ago, Sona discovered her love for Event Management and engaged, among other things, in the areas of artistic advisory and festival organisation. She was an active shaper of the Cologne Sommerblut Festival, specifically for the sector multipolar culture and inclusion.

She studies musicology and media studies at the University of Cologne. Since her engagement in nexofonia on April, she has been happy to breathe in fresh festival air and to live out her passion for music, festivals and academic discourse, all combined.


Maria Llabres

Social Media


Maria was born in Palma de Mallorca. She has felt passion for the arts and culture since she was very young, a passion that has been strengthened and developed over the course of her life, both on stage and behind the scenes.

She lives between Germany and Spain and finds her identity to be located somewhere in between both. Her passion lies in Drama and she has been able to live it out at the Sommerblut Festival as an assistant.

Soheyl Abiatinejad

Author and All-Rounder


Soheyl also studies musicolgy at the University of Cologne. His other field is educational science. He has been working in different areas of media, such as the radio and producing documentaries, since he finished school. His connection to music comes from different places, as well. He has been an active musician in bands and other projects for 15 years and has been giving lessons on music on an international level, leading courses for collective musical practice, guitar and extracurricular activities in schools.


Berit Bossinger

Event organizer


Of course, Berit studies musicology at the University of Cologne, as well. Combining this with English literature, she is also active as a musician and producer, focusing on concert organisation. She founded the experimental concert series Sounds of PAO in Cologne in the autumn of 2015, from which the PAOKollektiv later emerged.

Yosjan Gonzalez Paláis



Yosjan was born in Cuba and has been living in Germany for ten years. In his home city of Havana he received training as a photograph and has been curated in several collective and solo-exhibitions. He has collaborated with artists and organisations as a photograph, graphic designer and active member. Focusing on images as a creative process of our memory he is now living as an independent photograph and visual artist.

Sofia de Cardenas


Public Relations, Miami


Sofia de Cardenas is a born Cuban-American resident in Miami. After finishing her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she travels the States and works as an artistic adviser on the topics of fashion, film and music. In order to visit her family, she has been going back to Cuba in recent years, weaving her own artistic network during her stays. Her contacts and ability to make connections brought her to become friends with Annette Saldaña and later to be invited to nexofonia during a concert of Cuban Lions in Santa Fe, Cuba.

Arturo Savón Sang

Relaciones Internacionales, Cuba


Arturo was born in Santiago de Cuba and studies sociology at the Universidad de Oriente Venezuela. He took part in different academic, sociocultural projects focusing on Cuban society and its change for the development of the country. As a musician, he is the keyboarder, vocalist and songwriter for the reggae band Cuban Lions, as well as an active member of different projects involving collaborations and production, festivals and contests.