We strive for a multi-layered dialogue of urban music scenes and cultures between La Habana and Cologne. In order to ensure a long-term and productive linking and cooperation, it is particularly important for us to place a strong focus on the cultural understanding of both cities.

One of our maxims is the sensitization for each other's cultural background, the collective and individual identity and the associated interaction with the different artistic creative processes of the scene members.

This promises the establishment of long-term cooperation and lively exchange between the two cities. The resulting international relations and the cooperation of German and Cuban artists will enable the emergence of a network that does not yet exist in this form.

The exchange and cooperation of culturally different artists is intended to strengthen musical and cultural diversity. This will set new impulses for the general enrichment and diversity of urban music life in both cities. Our project work draws attention to creative and individual musicians* whose work focus primarily functions as an alternative tool for social positioning. Within the framework of the exchange, artists* come together, interact in a new "playground", allow themselves to be inspired by the unknown and jointly achieve cross-genre results.

However, we do not see our task within the framework of the project work only in the purely cultural field. A major component of our ideology is also our joint social action. Communication at eye level - regardless of nationality and religious affiliation, social status and cultural background - is a necessary building block for achieving a fruitful social togetherness.