The PAOKollektiv was founded as a joint venture of the bands Yottagon and the Daniel Bucksteeg Trio in the summer of 2016. It consists of seven musicians that feel at home in genres like Jazz, Rock, Electronic Music, Hip-Hop or Classical and all of them are lead parallel projects. Nevertheless, they do not shy away from leaving their musical comfort zone in order to collaborate, experiment and let ideas roam free, which is the basic concept oft he collective.

The PAOcolytes (or PAOkolyten), their prefered term of endearment, regularly organise concerts for which one of them steps forward as a curator, composer and organiser, involving musicians from outside the collective, as well. This results in an exciting, abstract work of art that, in spite of ist experimental force, attracts a wide audience that lets itself get carried through an innovative musical odyssey. 


" To me it is also unfamiliar, managing these four-beat-tracks! God *=&&%$!“


The words of the producer speak volumes at the precise moment he is recollecting the fragments of his world order after Yottagon has acted upon him. A band that sound like the perfect mixture between perpetuum mobile and a Rubik’s Cube. Just as you’re sure to have identified its design, their music warps and reinvents itself for the listener, breaking any morality, if there ever was one. Though these lines might seem abstract, they will reveal themselves to be perfectly fitting tot he listener who dares face the work of these four PAOcolytes from Cologne, Osnabrück and Solingen.



In 2019 it’s going to yottagon – just sayin’.


„I was born in a small cow-village and it was no fun.“


And it seems as though he spent most of the time inventing chords and polishing scales. What became of that is easy to see and hear. His music is somewhere between Yogi-Jazz and Heavy Metal noises. One should not be surprised if they find themselves drifting away in an extatic state at one of his concerts. His atmospheric guitar pops up in quite some projects. Whether it's his very own DanielBucksteegTrio, Thieves In Love or Les Blue Jay Sisters - just to name a couple. Furthermore, he is a first-generation member of the PAOKollektiv, of which he took over the first concert.

Today he feels at home in many a stage and street of Europe.



And that's not only funny, but cool!




 “If you don’t like it here, well, then go somewhere else”,


Is what Cid-Joey Meyers pragmatically thought to himself when he made the choice to listen to music somewhere else. He packed his stuff in his hometown of Vechta and sailed for new harbours. Specifically, the one on the margins of the Rine in Cologne. Swiftly had the idea been born, that music production should become his alcove. Though constrained by a great deal of dilettantism and an even greater lack of knowledge, he soon saw himself mirrored in the depths of the World Wide Web and eagerly collected what Mother Virtual provided. He degustated it and he liked what his ear-eye saw. Sounds, beats, rings and noises. Thereafter he began producing music with those treasures, sampling, juggling and freaking out. Cologne was once again witness to the birth of a manifold poet of electronic music.

And so we meet Cidukkha Ohn at times as a rapper on the stage, sometimes hidden behind the DAW and drum-computers, or precisely as a part of the PAOKollektiv, in which he is but another stubborn fellow among many.

“During an event Rooz called me “Mad Professor”. I will never forget that.”


Herr Wolberts is not only everyones phyisics teacher, but also the Frankenstein among the PAOcolytes. In the basement of Burgistan, a tower way off the beaten track in Bornheim, he crafted beatmonsters that bear names such as Majika Yo or something of the sort. Nobody knows what that’s supposed to mean. One hears rumours that his monsters come to life when you least expect it. But they are naught without their master, whose finger commands them to movement. He eminently calles his style himself and appears as a wise wizard that conjures more tan just samples strung together and beats that swash beyond the rim from under his all-overshadowing cloak, in order to bemuse the witnesses of the events and dare call themselves sober, they do not, for nevermore.


“Sometimes I call it rap with a swing, because I always want to bring some of that swing us Cubans have into it.”


He has got swing, he is unique and singular in Cuba. He is El Individuo.

On the island he is known for his series Rimas del Espacio (Rhymes of Space) and he is regarded as one of the most influential figures of the urban music scene of Havana. He writes his lyrics conscious of the fact that there are no universal truths and he can only convey his own truth base don experience and his effect as an artist and habanero. With his words he opens the doors to a new space, lights it up with watercolour-like perspectives and stages the discourse about Afrocuban identity anew.

Musically, he connects the poetic and percussive elements of Cuban rap and so creates a very own positive flow which disembogues in the Caribbean soundscape of reggae, dancehall and Cuban jazz.



“Musically I always try to combine flow, reggae music with a rap basis and a personalised bass-style; with my lyrics I discuss social topics with an energy that focuses on giving peace and love.”


Here we speak of a lion, not just because of his mane, but also because of his attitude. The King of the Jungle roars and all listen. Cuba’s DJ Lapiz is one of the artists that has been decisively involved in the development of the underground scene of Havana in the last years. Not only has he produced stars of the magnitude of the cuban rapper Danay Suarez, as well as many other members of the scene, but is also one of the most renowned artists on the island. He feels at home in Reggae, a genre for which there are hardly any performers. There is still room, though, since Lapiz is a name known to everybody. He produced his first solo álbum (called Puro en Babilonia) on 2016 and it was an innovation on the island that carried the local scene along in ecstasy. Since early 2018 he has been the frontman of the Reggae band Cuban Lions in which he is booming on as a producer, songwriter and arranger.

“We foster a Reggae-roots-style with strokes of Ragga and Dancehall, always combined with a base of Afrocuban per-cussion that grants our work a very special style; with lyrics that defend liberty, justice, peace and love.”


Founded in 2016 in Santiago de Cuba in order to satisfy the thirst for the originally Jamaican genre and its lifestyle, the band Cuban Lions made way for Havana in order to develope artistically, help shape the alternative scene and become a building block for it. The six members of the band take up on the archetypal form of the genre, the one that is only known today from old, dusty and worn-off vinyl records and bring it back to life in an unexpected scenario. However, their music remains diverse and uses a bright palette of influences from other genres like Funk or Rap, all the while keeping the aftertaste and color of their own Tierra. In Havana they are the only ones doing this. Their mision and role in the urban scene of Havana is clearly stated. The Genre is aimed at contributing to the creation and consolidation of a community that brings its input to the cultural life through collaboration and collective growth. On the other hand it aspires to adopt a reflexive and critical attitude, that should have a positive impact on its audience through the aesthetic and cultural praxis of Reggae. Their lyrics convey a pacific philosophy and tolerance and stem from an honest love for their home and for freedom.