nexofonia means „connection of voices“


These voices can express opinions, experiences, as well as know-ledge and reflection.


The exchange in music, the arts, culture and knowledge make this connection between voices. This way, an innovative, transatlantic network is born, which fuses together the complex urban musical scenes of Havana and Cologne. Out journey has just begun.


 However, we all know: it will be a long journey.

#Music transcends imaginery boarders.

#Collaboration tears them down.

The world should not be portrayed as a two-sided coin.

It is much more than that. We are much more than that.

We have facets that cannot be discovered due to limits –often invisible borders– and they can easily be reduced

in their diversity.


There are ways to tear down these borders, the borders within us that so often lead us to stagnation.


Ani Petrossian

this is nexofonia · we are nexofonia